What are all the strange codes which appear when I copy and paste text from the display? Print
Written by Ghoti   
Saturday, 26 June 2010 09:47

There are now two different types of copy in mm2k6:

  1. Plain text copy and paste.
    Just highlight text on the display with the mouse to copy the plain text to the clipboard. Pasting with include just the text with all ANSI codes removed.
  2. Full ANSI colour copy and paste.
    Hold the control key down while highighting the portion of the display you want to copy. Pasting will include the ANSI colour code which means it will look great pasted into chat but very strange if pasted into notepad or other text document.

Note: When you copy while holding down the control key the coloured text copied is also place into a system variable named $ANSICopy. This makes it ideal for using in a macro for pasting it into chat to share. I like to make a Control-z macro for this so I can copy and paste with two easy keystrokes. This also makes sure that nothing odd happens with all the embedded linefeeds you copied off the display.

/macro {cZ} {/chata @chr(10)$ANSICopy} {chatkeys}


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