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18 | 03 | 2018
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Sample Channel Viewer Window

It is now possible to save session window size and position within the main Mudmaster 2k6 frame so you can  create a multi-window layout. You can also now direct text and commands from any session window to any other session window via script. One great use for this is to make a window which captures your chat/talk channels so what is said doesn't get lost in the scrolling game text.

Copying Text

To copy text from the main display or the scrollback simply select it with your mouse. That's it! No other keys or keystrokes are needed. The highlighted text is placed in the clipboard ready to paste as soon as you release the left mouse button.


The statusbar is a user definable bar at the bottom of the screen. It can be multiple lines and up to a total of 480 characters. 

Scrollback Buffer

The scrollback buffer keeps track of lines which have come in from the mud that have scrolled up off the display. The lines are stored in the buffer with their color to make reading easier. You activate the scrollback with [Page Up]. [ESC] or [Ctrl-End] exits the scrollback.

Dlls on Windows 7

Mudmaster 2k6 runs on Windows 7 x64 but your mm2k6 dlls may not load initially. Many of the dlls require additional system dlls which were present on previous versions of Windows but might not be on the default Windows 7 install. These are all Microsoft dlls.

If you are attempting to use dlls and they don't load try downloading this zip archive and unzip the contents into your PortableMudmaster folder.

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