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18 | 03 | 2018
Dll Plugins

Plugin DLLs allow you to expand on the functionality of Mud Master. By creating
your own DLLs MM can be expanded to do just about anything you can program.
When calling a function in your DLL you can pass data from MM and return data
to MM.

Dlls on Windows 7

Mudmaster 2k6 runs on Windows 7 x64 but your mm2k6 dlls may not load initially. Many of the dlls require additional system dlls which were present on previous versions of Windows but might not be on the default Windows 7 install. These are all Microsoft dlls.

If you are attempting to use dlls and they don't load try downloading this zip archive and unzip the contents into your PortableMudmaster folder.

MudMaster Chat Redirect

Here is a dll which will redirect all activity on your MudMaster chat to the session window listed in a variable called ChatWindow. By default when this dll is loaded it creates the variable and loads it with ChannelViewer.mms. You can change the variable ChatWindow to redirect chat to a different window.

TextVid Player

The TextVid Player dll is a small plugin that lets you load ANSI text into movie frames and then play the movie. The TextVid player dll should be downloaded to your MudMaster folder. You can then load TextVids from your own script or via the web.  You can even play TextVids that are posted on the web.

Script Controled Button Pad

Here is a dll plugin that gives you an button pad with 11 programmable buttons. You control the text on the buttons, the text that is sent with the buttons are clicked, plus the text sent when the buttons are clicked while holding the control key down.

Sample GUI Addon

mm2k6 dlls can provide you with graphical addons like floating toolbars or other dialog boxes. These can be controled directly or via /calldll or via the new builtin processing of mud text, chat text, or input text within the dll. To demonstrate some of this kind of functionality I've written a sample which provides a floating 2 bar status display.

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