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18 | 03 | 2018
Interface Improvements
Many small and a few major changes have been made to the mm2k6 interface.

Control over Max Line Length

Starting with release 4.2.5 Session Options has a setting for the maximum length a line is on the display before it is wrapped to the next line.

With this option lines will be wrapped either when they reach the full width of the session screen or at the character number set in the line length option, whichever is shorter.

This configuration option is found on the Term/Input tab of the Session Options dialog.

Find Alias Feature
The right click menu of the input line was expanded in build 28. A find script option is now there. This opens a tree view of aliases which allows right click execution.
Script Entity Tree View
In build 28 the script entity tree view has been improved and now allows you to execute aliases with a right click. All script entities are now properly displayed grouped by script groups. Empty categories are not shown simplifying the display. Script can be edited in dialog boxes via this view.
Session Window Docking
The ability to dock the edges of a session window to the edges of the mainframe was introduced in build 28. Session options dialog has 2 new options: Max Width and Max Height which can be saved in the session as well. These allow the docking of the sides (Max Width) or the top and bottom (Max Height) of the session windows to the corresponding edges of the main mm2k6 frame.