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21 | 04 | 2018
Release Notes
A quick run down of the changes made in each release starting with the last build,

Version 4.2.3

Tray icon is now only created if the Hide in tray option is set. This is so you can run MudMaster without it added entries into the registry controling whether icons are hidden or always displayed. Otherwise if a tray icon is made MudMaster will appear in the list shown by clicking the customize button on the Start button properties Taskbar tab. These can only be removed via registry edits..

Added procedure @CommandChar() to show the command character.

Added Command Character to the Session Options dialog so people can see it and change it if the command character gets changed inadvertently by reading a non-script file.


The RegexSubMatches array is now correctly cleared whenever @RegexMatch is called.
/editbaritem {number or name} puts the matching bar item in the input
line like it did before 4.2.2 and now opens statusbar item list dialog when no name
or number are provided.
Bugs Fix:
  • Fixed /editbaritem so if no item provided it opens the statusbar item dialog but bring the item into the input line it an item is provided.
  • Made /walkstop execute immediately when entered so a speedwalk in progress gets interrupted and cleared.
  • The RegexSubMatches array is now correctly cleared whenever @RegexMatch is called.



Version 4.2.2

This is a minor release with only a few small changes:

You can now configure whether MudMaster 2k6 hides in the tray when you minimize it. The default will be to remain visible in the taskbar.

DLL loading code now allows the dll authors to specify the dll should only be loaded once. The dll constructor has to handle the checking and return "singleton" if it is already running.

Several small changes to the database code changing the debug output, an object change, and setting the default mySQL port to 3306

the connect to mud string is now processed by script so actions can be made to trigger on it.

Files retrieved via the web are no longer cached.

The index of action and aliases reported in /grep result is correct now

New in this release:

System variable called $CurrentLogFile which is empty if the session is not logging but is the log file name while logging. This allows you to have script check for logging. @isempty($CurrentLogFile) returns 0 while logging and 1 once the log is closed.

System variable called $ReturnTripMsecs contains the milliseconds between when the last text was sent to the mud and the first bytes received from the mud after that. This is always displayed on the bottom status portion of the window to the left of Cmds:

New Database Connection String prefix of my5 for accessing via the MySql 5.1 ODBC connector. This expects you to provide the full connection string. For example, /sqlquery {select * from table1}{results} {my5:Server=mysql.mydomain.net; Port=3306;Database=exampleDB;Uid=myuser;Pwd=mypass;}

New Command

/listsort {list}{a or d} sorts the list either ascending or descending.

New procedures

@getArrayRows(arrayname) and @getArrayCols(arrayname) which return the row and column dimension size of the named array. 

@LeftPad(Some text,pad character,total string length) unlike @PadLeft which just concatenates a fixed number of the pad character @LeftPad only pads with enough characters to bring the string up to the total. If the initial string is longer that the total requested in will be truncated.

@RightPad(Some text,pad character,total string length) unlike @PadRight which just concatenates a fixed number of the pad character @RightPad only pads with enough characters to bring the string up to the total. If the initial string is longer that the total requested in will be truncated.

Input line has a new config option Show Border found on the Terminal/Input configuration tab of session options. Apparently extremely old versions of mm2000 had a border around the input so if you miss it you can have it.


 Test image medievia12pt

Test image silvercrescent11pt.png

Version 4.2

Bugs Fixed

Top position of saved session no longer creeps with successive saves and opens.

New Database Interface Commands

If you use the default database (mm2k6Arrays.mdb in your MudMaster folder) you should not supply the Database Connect String, DB User, and DB Password in the following commands.

/SQLQuery {SQL Statement}{Array Name}{Database Connect String}{DB User}{DB Password} runs the SQL select against the database and returns two arrays. The result set is stored in an array with each result set column in the array columns and each result set row in an array row. The second array named with Columns appended to the name lists the column names.

/SQLExecute {SQL Statement}{Database Connect String}{DB User}{DB Password} runs the provided statement against the database. This is useful for running insert, update and delete statements but can be used for any kind of statement where you don't require a return.

/ArrayDBSave {ArrayName}{Database Connect String}{DB User}{DB Password} saves the named array in a database table called Array which must have columns of ArrayName,singleDimension,RowNumber, ColumnNumber,ElementText. At present ElementText can be up to 10255 characters long.

/ArrayDBRead {ArrayName}{Database Connect String}{DB User}{DB Password} reads the data matching the named array. The array must be defined with the /array command before the read and the dimensions must at least match the data stored.

New Procedures

@RegexArray(SearchPattern,ArrayName) returns the row number or row and column number for the first array element that matches the pattern. Returns 0 if no match is found. For example if you have an array called ItemStuff with 88 rows and 3 columns @RegexArray(.*balm.*,ItemStuff) might return 7,1

Changed Commands and Procedures

/math and @math will now do floating point math if a decimal is seen in the equation. For example @math(3 / 2) will return 1 but @math(3 / 2.0) will return 1.667

/susbtitute When token wildcards are used the original colours of the original line are applied to the new line. Under circumstances where the line lengths are different the colour may be shifted. Characters added to the end of a line which has increased in length will take the colour of the last character of the original line.

Interface Updates

New Dock Right session option allows you to set the right edge of a session window to stay docked to the right edge of the outer MudMaster window edge.

New input tab completion means that now if you hit tab while entering text in the input line mm2k6 will attempt to match the text entered so far with commands in the command history buffer. The first match is made is put into the input line. Tabadd entries are given priority over command completion so if the word you are on in the input line matches a tabbadd entry it will be completed rather than attempting to match a previous command.


Version 4.1

After years of accumulated incremental changes, updates, and fixes it is time to increment the version number. Two bugs reported in the sourceforge bug tracker have been fixed. A few new procedures and commands have been added along with improvements to chat group and chat serving behaviours.

Two big steps forward have been taken.

First, Perl-like regular expressions have been introduced into the code and are now used in the /scrollgrep command and available to scripters via the @regex and @regexmatch procedures. An arraycopy command has been added largely to support the regex matching because submatches are stored in a new system array which scripters will want to be able to use.

Second, the first steps towards supporting readable sripts have been taken. Script can now be formated in a limited but usable way. The basis of the new formatting is the introduction of line continuation and white space removal by the script reading commands.

Build 33

Incremental improvements to the interface, commands controling interactions between session windows, help files, and error handling continue to to be implemented  Several of these changes make it possible to implement plugin dlls which provide zone and wilderness map displays in separate session windows. These features can also be used to display things like player health status in other session windows. Display buffering has been radically improved reducing scrollback and display overhead dramatically.

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