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20 | 04 | 2018
Release Notes
A quick run down of the changes made in each release starting with the last build,

Build 27

Bugs fixed:

  • chat connections are now announced after they are made instead of before. This means actions triggered on the chat connection message will work without resorting to events.

New Features:

  • /autoserve {on/off} command allows you to direcct mm2k6 to automatically chatserv connections as they are made.
  • autoserve setting can be saved in the session.
  • help files have been updated.


Build 26

Bugs fixed:

  • dlls are freed properly when removing the dlls
  • the access violations when closing mm2k6 with certain dlls loaded no longer occur.

New Features:

  • mm2k6 now saves the window position on close and sets that position on startup.
  • ANSI colour copy added. Hold control while selecting screen area with the mouse and the clipboard gets the ANSI text. This is also placed in a system variable called $ANSICopy. This is great for pasting full colour text to chat.
Build 25

Bug fixes:

  • Extra newlines after prompt lines have finally been removed.
  • Some typos in commands such as /editevent are fixed.
  • Removed some debug messages which were being displayed.
  • /changes no longer tries to retrieve changes from console version website.
Build 24

Bug fixes:

  • Macros no longer execute incorrectly after some macros are removed by /killgroup command - Access violation no longer thrown when actions are removed by other triggered actions
  • /if statement finally handles complex expressions fixing a long standing bug in v3.9
  • Input is now displayed next to the prompt instead of on the next line - /scrollgrep with regular expression abbreviations such as /d no longer throws access violations when encountering characters above 128
  • Handles input from muds correctly regardless of whether Telnet GA option checked or not.  
Build 23

Bug Fixes

  • Display of ANSI text has been sped up
  • Another error in debug output fixed.

New features

Several new commands:

  • intersection calculates two points where two circles intersect
  • rawmudlogopen logs mud output directly to a file
  • rawmudlogclose closes rawmud logfile
  • viewlog read file into scrollback for viewing

New procedure:

  • @Enum or @EnumList(listname or number,textTofind) returns item number where item content matches textTofind


Procedures names are now case insensitive

New abbreviations for @getarray. @arr or @a can be used.

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