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21 | 04 | 2018
Release Notes
A quick run down of the changes made in each release starting with the last build,

Build 32

Build 32

This build is full of mostly small changes and bug fixes plus a big change to what can be done with dlls. The impact of the changes depends on whether or not dll writers respond and write dlls that take advantage of the new dll processing. Dlls will now be sent raw incoming MUD text, raw chat text, and raw input text if they are designed to receive it. Dlls can then process the text and indicate to MudMaster that the handling was done by the dll.

Build 31

New Commands and Features

/showtoast {text to pop up in taskbat notifier}

Similar to /showme or /showother except that a taskbar notification pops like toast above the tray when this command is used. The notification pop up is skinned using a simple bitmap toast.bmp which must be in the same directory as mudmaster.exe before a session started.


Returns the name of the current session in the form that would be used by the /window or /showother commands.

Build 30

Bugs fixed:

  • The ongoing issue of lines from the mud being split so that some masks are not matched when they should has been greatly improved. This problem is tied in some part to the different ways different MUDs handle prompt lines and how they break up large blocks of text. The fix in this build has been tied to the Telnet GA option.

Changed Commands:

  • Telnet GA option in Terminal options now changes the way split lines are processed. If build 29 line processing was perfect for you then uncheck Telnet GA. If you are having problems with actions not firing when it  looks like they should then check Telnet GA in the Terminal options.

New Features:


     This toggles an option to reconnect immediately on connection zap.
Build 29
Great new possibilities are opening up with the start of features which allow better control and interaction between multiple simultaneous session windows. This build continues to expand and improve the commands for multiple session window interaction.

Bugs fixed:

  • When using multiple session windows and changing the dimensions of the main MudMaster frame the internal windows can no longer disappear under the top edge of the main MusMaster frame.
  • Similarly the bottom of  a session can no longer disappear under the bottom edge of the MudMaster frame. If the bottom of the main frame is dragged up beyond the lower edge of a session window it will push the bottom of the session window up as well.
Build 28

Great new possibilities are opening up with the start of features which allow better control and interaction between multiple simultaneous session windows.

There is a ways to go on this front but we have to start somewhere.

Bugs fixed:

  • Chat connection process now handles the version information it receives properly.
  • Chat call process now notices unresponsive calls to non-existant addresses and closes the connection.
  • Script entity tree view no longer includes empty nodes.
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