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18 | 03 | 2018
Release Notes
A quick run down of the changes made in each release starting with the last build,

Version 4.2.8

This release just has a couple of bug fixes. One, however, is long overdue having apparently not worked since v 3.9.


Problems with /if conditions with 2 or more &&s or ||s without
paretheses to group them have been resolved.
  • Problems with /if conditions with 2 or more &&s or ||s without paretheses to group them have been resolved.


  • @CommandToList has been fixed so that the command portion will work when multiple commands separated by semicolons are used. This appears to have been a problem since the beginning of v4.0 

    When $ListItem is used in more than one of these multiple
    commands it is necessary to use the @Pretrans procedure to ensure $ListItem is replaced with its value in all occurances


  • Telnet WILL command was leading to unexpected characters being prepended to input. This was a problem since version 4.2.6 and is fixed in 4.2.8 build 7

New feature

In build 8 the /savescrollback and the GUI equivalent now will save the output as html with colours if the file extension is .htm or .html. The html will link to scrollback.css for colour and font information. A sample of the html can be seen at http://mm2k6.sourceforge.net/mm2k6/logs/medlog2.html
Version 4.2.7

Updates to Commands

/ShowmeViaWeb {web Url} will send a get or post request to the URL and display the text retrieved. Since the MudMaster 2k6 display handles ANSI colours the text retrieved can include ANSI text commands. Only http requests are handled and if the URL provided does not have http:// it will be prepended before sending the request.

If a /showmeviaweb command is executed before one currently running completes it will be queued and executed as soon as the current request completes.

New subcommands were added

Subcommands are executed by prepending the full subcommand. Available subcommands are:

  • queue
    Adds a web request to the queue for later execution.
  • releasequeue
    Begins the execution of showmeviaweb requests waiting in the queue. Allqueued requests will be executed in sequence.
  • flushqueue
    Clears all pending requests out of the queue without executing them.


/ShowmeViaWeb {http://mm2k6.sourceforge.net/changes.txt}

This would print out this .txt file on your screen.

/showmeviaweb {queue mm2k6.sourceforge.net/changes.txt}

This would place the request in a queue and wait until it is either flushed or released.

/showmeviaweb {releasequeue}

This begins the execution of requests in the queue.

/showmeviaweb {flushqueue}

Empties the queue.
Version 4.2.6

Bug Fixes

/groupBarItem {group} now displays the existing bar items in the group indicated on separate lines instead of jumbled together.

Background colours copied with control-key pressed paste and appear in $ANSICopy with correct colours now.

New Command

/ShowmeViaWeb {web Url} will send a get or post request to the URL and display the text retrieved. Since the MudMaster 2k6 display handles ANSI colours the text retrieved can include ANSI text commands. Only http requests are handled and if the URL provided does not have http:// it will be prepended before sending the request.

Variables and procedures in the retrieved text will be replaced before being displayed so you can use things like @ANSIBold() and $MyMessageHere.

If the URL is less than 256 characters in length the request will be sent as a get. Longer URLs will be sent as post requests.

Example: /showmeviaweb {http://mm2k6.sourceforge.net/changes.txt}

Internal Changes

The processing of incoming data from the MUD has been updated to handle telnet commands and subcommands a little more completely. More work is still required in this area.

Code underlying the /changes command was updated along with the /ShowmeViaWeb command. Calculation for whether the display buffer needs extension was fixed. Virtual memory leak in /changes command has been fixed.




Version 4.2.5

New Interface Features

Control over Line Wrap

A new session configuration option has been added to the Terminal/Input options. This option allows you to set the number of character long you want lines to be on the display. With this option lines will be wrapped either when they reach the full width of the session screen or at the character number set in the line length option, whichever is shorter.

Line wrap option

User Defined Clickable Buttons

Statusbar items can now be defined to execute script when you left-click on them. This is done by naming the statusbar item beginning with the word button and following this with the command to executed.

For example:

/baritem {button /showme {Walking to $nextZone};nextZonePath} {$nextZone} {1} {20} {15} {1} {statusbar}

This might be a "button" on the statusbar which is updated by other script aliases and actions so it displays the name of a zone (in white on a blue background) you might want to go to next. When you click on it it would display the message Walking to <zone name> and then executes the alias nextZonePath which sends the speedwalk text command which takes you there.

You can create and edit these types of statusbar item buttons using the Statusbar item edit dialog.

Baritem edit dialog

Any combination of script command, aliases, and text to send to the mud can be used.

Remember that the statusbar can have multiple lines so you can more than one line of display and/or buttons. Use the /statusbarsize {lines}{line width} command to adjust this. Maximum total width (lines times width) is 480 characters



Version 4.2.4

New Commands

/screenshot {filename with path} Creates either a jpeg or a png image of the inner display portion of the session window. The type is determined by the file extension.

Changes to Information Messages

Messages related to /autoexec can now be enabled or disabled. There is a checkbox for this option on the message tab of the Session Options dialog. This setting is saved to and read from the session file.

Bugs Fixed

Applying substitutes to a line of text no longer forces a newline at the end of that line. Instead it maintains the append rule already in place for that line. This means the applying substitutes to prompt lines now lets them act properly as prompt lines.

/loadlibrary wasn't replacing variables and procs with their values so things like @sessionpath() couldn't be used to provide the path to the dll being loaded. It now translates variables and procs before attempting to load the dll.

Background Command Updated

The /background command now has three more position options.

/background {image.png}{center|tile|stretch|topright|right|bottomright}

Help Menu Updated

 Link to the mm2k6 script forum at Sourceforge was added to the Help menu. This forum can be read by anyone To post questions or scripts you need either a sourceforge account or any OpenID acount (Google, Yahoo, AOL, Flickr, Wordpres...) so everyone should be able join in.


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