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18 | 03 | 2018
User Interface
Topics related to the various graphical user interface (GUI) features of MudMaster 2k6

Changing the Fonts

You can control which font and the font size for the three parts of each MudMaster session. This is done via the Session Options dialog which can be accessed either through the Session menu, Options... or by clicking the third toolbar icon from the left.

Copying Text

To copy text from the main display or the scrollback simply select it with your mouse. That's it! No other keys or keystrokes are needed. The highlighted text is placed in the clipboard ready to paste as soon as you release the left mouse button.

Scrollback Buffer

The scrollback buffer keeps track of lines which have come in from the mud that have scrolled up off the display. The lines are stored in the buffer with their color to make reading easier. You activate the scrollback with [Page Up]. [ESC] or [Ctrl-End] exits the scrollback.

Graphical Interface to Script

There are a few ways to add, edit, or even justĀ see what script you have running. There of courseĀ are the original text commands which you enter via the input line. There are also many graphical interfaces you can use. These are accessed either via the Script menu or by clicking on the toolbar icons.

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