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18 | 03 | 2018
Sound Commands
 MudMaster 2k6 can play wave files that you have stored on your local drives. In combination with MSP some MUDs send sound commands to MudMaster 2k6 indicating which sounds to play. You have to already have matching files stored in the expected directories for this to work and have to enable MSP to gather the sounds.
bell msp playmidi
playwav processfx processmidi
showmsptriggers soundpath useplaysound
volumedefault volumemax volumebits


Format: /playwav {filename} [{LeftVol,RightVol} or {Volume}] {Priority}

PlayWav lets plays a waveform sound file.

  • {Filename} Sound file to play.
  • {Volume}

Example: /playwav ring


Format: /msp {on}
        /msp {off}

This tells the client to gather the files for the Mud Sound Protocol.
The On paramter makes MudMaster 2k6 read the file names in the SOUND path
and all subdirectories. If there are a lot of files this might take a second
or two. It reads in all the filenames because MSP can pass in wildcards to
make the client play random files. It's faster to have a list in memory than
hit the disk looking for all matches of a wildcard.

The Off parameter can be used to temporarily disable MSP.