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18 | 03 | 2018
Script Entity Info

These commands display existing script entities either by searching or by group name or lists how many of each exist. 

grep groupactions groupaliases
grouparrays groupbaritems groupevents
groupgag grouplists groupmacros
groupsubstitutes grouptablist groupvariables
information message 


Format: /grep {text pattern}

Grep tells the client to look for a specific string of text in your script
and displays it when it finds it.

  {text pattern} This is the text to search for in your script.

/grep {Item ID}

This is how you search for text. It sees the text "Item ID" and then sends
the search request to MudMaster 2k6 and all results are displayed. 


Format: /groupactions {group name}

This will list all the actions belonging to a certain group.

   {group name} Name of the group from which you want to list the actions.

All group commands of this sort work the same way.


Format: /message {message type}

When the alias, action, tab completion, variable or macro list is changed in
any way the client prints a message to the terminal screen letting you know
about it. You can toggle these messages on or off with this command.

  • {message type} The type of messages to turn on or off. The valid message types are: actions, aliases, bar items, events, list, macros, tablist,  variables.