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18 | 03 | 2018
Statusbar Commands

 The statusbar is a display area just above or below the input line. You control whether it is visible, whether it is above or below the input line, and how many characters width and lines high it is. It can hold up to a maximum of 480 characters. Lines can be shown or hidden without losing the contents.

barback barfore baritem
baritemback baritemfore baritemshift
barseparator editbaritem statusbar
statusbarsize updatebaritem updatestatusbar


Format: /barback {color number}

Changes the background color of the status bar.

   {color} Can be between 0 and 7.


Format: /barfore {color number}

Changes the foreground color of the status bar.

   {color} Can be between 0 and 15.


Format: /baritem {item name} {text to print} {position} {max length}{fore color} {back color} {group}

BarItem adds text to the status bar.

  • {item name} identifies the item which you can later use to enable or disable, modify or delete the item later. 
  • {text to print} is the text you want displayed on the status bar. This can either be literal text, or it can be a variable or procedure. 
  • {position} is the column position you want the item to start printing at on the bar. The position must be a number between 1 and 480.   {max length} is the maximum number of characters you want this item to display. If the text to be printed is longer than the max length, it will be truncated. This prevents items from printing over the top of neighboring items.
  • {fore color} Items can have colors separate from the status bar. This can be a number from 0 to 15. If you leave both the fore color and the back color at 0, it will use the color of the status bar. This parameter is optional and will default to 0 if you don't specify it. 
  • {back color} The background color of the item. Can be a number from 0 to 7. This parameter is optional and will default to 0 if you don't specify it. 
  • {group} Optional parameter. See the user guide on grouping.

You are responsible for making sure your bar items do not overlap. If you
create two bar items that start at position 1,one of them will be overwritten.

/baritem {Target} {$Target} {1} {12} {11} {0}
This will create an item called Target. It will display the value of the variable $Target. It will start at position 1, have a maximum length of 12. It will use foreground color 11, and back ground color 0.

/baritem {Target} {$Target} {1} {12}
This creates the same thing as above. The colors have not been specified, so it will default to using the colors of the status bar.


Format: /statusbar {position}

Toggles the statusbar on and off.

  • {position} Can be either "above" or "below". Defines whether you want the status bar above the input line or below it.

Also read the user guide section on the status bar