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21 | 04 | 2018
Miscellaneous Commands - Speedwalk
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Format: /speedwalk {on/off}

When speedwalking is on anytime you send a line of text that contains only
movement characters (n, s, e, w, u and d) the client will send the commands
one at a time at a speed determined by the /pace command. If you typed
"nnnuws" the client would walk you north 3 times, up once, west once and
finally south.


Format: /pace {number of milliseconds}

Pace controls has fast commands are sent to the mud when you are speedwalking.

  • {number of milliseconds} The number of milliseconds to wait before sending the next movement command.

For those of you not metrically aware 1000 milliseconds is equal to 1 second.
500 milliseconds is half a second, etc...