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20 | 04 | 2018
Script ENtities - Highlights
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Format: /highlight {mask} {foreground color, back background color}

Adds a highlight to the highlight list. Before the client prints a line of text to the screen it checks the highlight list. If {mask} is found in a line of text the colors for that word or words are changed to colors that you specify. If a wildcard was used in the mask the entire line is highlighted,

  • {mask} This is the text pattern to search for to determine what lines of text to highlight. The mask can be defined the same way you define the text pattern for an action-- using %0 through %9. If the mask does not contain any wildcards (%0 - %9) then just the word is highlighted. If the mask uses a wildcard, the whole line is changed to the color. 
  • {color,back color} The foreground and background color to change the text to.  Valid color names are in the table below. If you don't specify a background color "back black" will be used.

Color Names

   Foreground Colors:
     black, blue, green, cyan, red, magenta, brown, light
     grey, dark grey, light blue, light green, light cyan, light
     red, light magenta, yellow, white

   Background Colors:
     back black, back blue, back green, back cyan, back
     red, back magenta, back brown, back light grey

/highlight {disarms you} {yellow}
Any time you see the text "disarms you" it will appear in yellow.

/highlight {You hear %0 shout} {white,back blue}
Since a wildcard was used in the mask, when the text is found the entire line will be changed to white on blue.