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18 | 03 | 2018
Miscellaneous Procedures
@Asc @Chr @Connected @EventTime
@FileExists @If @IP @IPP
@Random @SessionPath   



Pass in a character, it returns the ASCII value. @Asc(A) = 65.


Chr works like the basic command Chr$. It returns the ascii equivalent of
the number.

   number - Must be between 0 and 255.

@Chr(65) would return a capital A. @Chr(3) is a heart, etc...


Returns a 1 if you have an active winsock connection. Returns a 0 if you

@EventTime(event name)

EventTime returns how many seconds are left in an event before it fires.


Returns a 1 if the file exists, otherwise a 0.

   filename - The path and filename of the file to look for.


Evaluates the condition the same way as /if does but returns 1 if the result is true and 0 if it is false.

@IP(), @IPP()

IP returns your IP address. IPP returns your IP address as well as the port
MM is listening for chat connections on.

@Random(Max Number)

Random returns a number between 1 and Max Number.

say @Random(100)
Would say a number between 1 and 100.

say @GetItem(Greetings,@Random(@GetCount(Greetings))) Rand!
If you had a list that contained a bunch of different greetings the above
would randomly select one to use.


Returns the full path of your current session directory.