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21 | 04 | 2018
Input Processing - Val
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Input Processing
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Pass in some text and it returns the numerical value. This has limited value
since MM treats string and numerical variables pretty much the same. What it
can do is help to trim off numbers at the front of a string. It will pull as
the value, from the start, all numerical characters.

@Word(string,word number)

Word returns a specific word from a string. A handy use for this procedure is
passing in multiple words to an alias -- the alias can then easily separate
the different words.

@Word(This is a test,2)
This would return the word "is".

/alias {test %0} {say @Word($0,2)}
Typing "test This is a test" would pull the second word out of the string
passed to the alias and produce: "say is"

@WordColor(word number)

This is only useful in an action. Pass in the number of the word whose color
you want to check in the line that set off the action. It returns the color
of the first character of that word.


Returns the number of words in the text passed in.