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27 | 05 | 2018
Input Processing - StripAnsi
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Input Processing
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Pass in some text and it returns the same text with all the ansi codes removed.

@Strstr(search in,search for)

StrStr searches for the occurrence of one string in another. It returns the 0
based index of where the string to search for starts in the other. If the
search for string is not found -1 is returned.


SubStr returns a string which is a substring of the original starting from
the startCharIndex until the endCharIndex. The index is 0 based.

@substr(OneTwoThree,3,5) would return Two


This procedure is only useful in an action. It searches the line of text that
caused the action to fire for the text passed in. It returns the color of the
first character that matches.


Upper converts all the letters in the text to upper case.  This can be
useful when comparing items in a list or with an /if.

   /if {"Upper($Name)" == "ARITHON"}