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27 | 05 | 2018
Input Processing - IsEmpty
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@IsEmpty(var name)

Returns a 1 if the variable is empty, otherwise a 0.

   var name - The name of the variable to check.

@Left(text,number of characters)

Left returns a number of characters from the left side of a string.

   text - The text you want to take the left hand portion of. 
   number of characters - Number of characters you want.

Would return the string "Ari". The 3 leftmost characters.


Len returns the number of characters in a string.

Would return 7.


Lower converts all the letters in the text to lower case.  This can be
useful when comparing items in a list or with an /if.

   /if "@Lower($Name)" == "arithon"}



LTrim removes any spaces from the left side of a string.


Returns the result of a math expression. The works the same way as /math, only
the value is not placed into a variable. See the help on math for more

@Mid(text,start character,number of characters)

Mid returns a portion of a string. You tell mid what character you want to
start at, and how many characters from that point on. Strings are zero based,
so if you want the very first character in a string the start character would
have to be zero.

   text - Text string from which you want to grab a portion. 
   start character - The character index of the first character to get. 
   number of characters - The number of characters to get.

This will get you the same result as using a @Left(Arithon,3). The text "Ari"
would be returned.

Would return the string "itho".