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21 | 04 | 2018
Input Processing - Abs
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Returns the absolute value of an number.

@CharColor(character position) @CharBackColor(Character position}

CharColor is useful only in actions. It returns the color of the character in
a specific position on the line that caused the trigger to fire. CharBackColor returns the background color.

   character position - The 0 based index of the character to check.


Returns number with comma separatorrs.


ConCat returns the concatenation of two text strings.

   text1 - The text to be appended to. 
   text2 - The text to append to text1.

/var test @ConCat(This is, a test!)
Would place the string "This is a test!" in a variable called test.


Removes all the commas in the string. Variables may be used and thus intended to remove commas from numbers this can even be used to concatenate a comma separated list.

@Decomma(XoXoX,o,AA) returns XoAoXoAA

@Exists(var name)

Returns a 1 if the variable exists, otherwise a 0.

   var name - The name of the variable to look for.