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21 | 04 | 2018
Session Window Commands
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Session Window Commands
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Addcaption and Removecaption
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There are several commands which are used to altar the appearance or route commands or text of session windows in MudMaster 2k6. These mean that you not only can have more than one window open at once but can use script to make the windows interact with each other. You can even open new session windows via script commands.


Format: /window {target session name}{mm2k6 commands}

Sends mm2k6 commands to the targeted session. The session name is the one normally seen on the associated title bar and includes the .mms extension if it is visible there. The mm2k6 commands can be any script commands.


/window {helpview.mms}{/var {OtherWindowName}{@SessionName()} {channels} }

Sets up a variable in the helview.mms session window called $OtherWindowName which contains the window name where the command was executed.

Addcaption and Removecaption


These add and remove the session title bar and thick frames. The title bar and thick frame are usually needed when you are moving and resizing a session window into the desired configuration. Once the size and position are set removing them leaves you with much more screen area to work with.


Format: /maxrestore

Toggles the current session between maximized within the Mud Master frame and restored to the last size and position within the child window area of the main frame.


Format: /loadsession {path and filename of session file}

This command allows any script to open another session. Most likely this is something that would be done in the start up script of the main session but is not limited to that. Sessions that are opened do not have to connect to any mud but can be used to display messages or log channels.

Example: In a start up script you could have:

/autoexec {/loadsession {C:\Program Files\MyMudMaster\sessionFiles\helpview.mms}}

If you have already saved that session with its position set appropriately and with its Max Width=1 (checked Max Width in Options, session options) then you'll likely also want to execute /window {helpview.mms}{/removecaption} as well.