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18 | 03 | 2018
Changing the Fonts

You can control which font and the font size for the three parts of each MudMaster session. This is done via the Session Options dialog which can be accessed either through the Session menu, Options... or by clicking the third toolbar icon from the left.

When you open this dialog you need to click on the Term/Input tab. The main display font is changed by clicking on the Font button in the Terminal Option section. This is the uppermost Font button on this page.

Term/Input tab of Session Option dialog

This will bring you to a font picking dialog which shows all the installed fonts which will work with MudMaster. Pick the font face and size you would like to use. Click OK until you are back to the main display. If you are satisfied with your new font choice remeber to save your session by hitting control-s or clicking the File menu, Save Character.

MUD Specific fonts

Some MUDs provide speciallized fonts designed to enhance their game play. If you have these fonts installed you should be able to use pick them in the session options.

A Medievia fonts installation package is available here.

Input line and Status bar fonts can be set independently by clicking on the the other font buttons.