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23 | 02 | 2018
Graphical Interface to Script
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Graphical Interface to Script
Viewing and Editing Macros
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There are a few ways to add, edit, or even just see what script you have running. There of course are the original text commands which you enter via the input line. There are also many graphical interfaces you can use. These are accessed either via the Script menu or by clicking on the toolbar icons.

Here is the toolbar icon with a few of the icons labeled.

mm2k6 toolbar

 To see all of the currently loaded script click the mouse on the Script Entity icon to open a dialog with a script tree view. The tree view is organized by script groups and has expandib le branches. Within each script group the script is organized by script type.

Script Tree View

Within each script type branch the individual script  entities are shown. If you want to edit one you can double click on it and an edit dialog will open. Aliases can be executed directly from this view if you first select it then right-click.