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21 | 04 | 2018
Sample Channel Viewer Window
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Sample Channel Viewer Window
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It is now possible to save session window size and position within the main Mudmaster 2k6 frame so you can  create a multi-window layout. You can also now direct text and commands from any session window to any other session window via script. One great use for this is to make a window which captures your chat/talk channels so what is said doesn't get lost in the scrolling game text.

Setting up a channel viewer window in MudMaster 2k6

Files you will  need for this example are:
ChannelViewer.mms session file to be saved in the same folder as your mudmaster.exe
Channel script file with sample actions to send channel text to channel viewer window. This sample script will direct channels labeled [CLAN], [TOWN], [FORM] plus generic whoever chats to everybody, text to the channel viewer window. The script also include an alias findother you let you grep the scrollback of the other window from the main session input. 

Above files in a zip archive.

Once you have  those files saved in your MudMaster folder follow these steps.