18 | 03 | 2018
Copying Text

To copy text from the main display or the scrollback simply select it with your mouse. That's it! No other keys or keystrokes are needed. The highlighted text is placed in the clipboard ready to paste as soon as you release the left mouse button.

If you want to copy more text than currently fits in the display window you will need to copy it from the scrollback. When selecting text in the scrollback the selection will expand scrolling the underlying text as you drag the mouse beyond the upper or lower edge of the scrollback window. Again, all the highlighted text will be placed in the clipboard ready for pasting when you release the mouse button.
New Feature:

If you hold down the control key while selecting the text all of the ANSI colour codes will be copied with the text. This is useful (and fun) mostly only if you plan on pasting to MudMaster chat which will translate the ASNI colour codes back into coloured text for you fellow chatters. Since most avid MudMaster chatters use fancy chat aliases they are likely going to want to take advantage of the $ANSICopy system variable. When you select text with the control key pressed the ANSI colour codes and text are stored into the $ANSICopy variable so you can use it in your chat aliases or macros. My personal fave is:

/macro {cz}{/chata @chr(10)$ANSICopy}{ghotikeys}

which makes control-z chat the last thing I full colour copied to all my chat connections.