21 | 04 | 2018
Build 22


  • Ini file now called MudMaster2k6.ini
  • changed the default location for to MudMaster2k6.ini be executable directory
  • if Ini With Exe is missing from MudMaster2k6.ini or if Ini In My Documents is not set =1 mm2k6 will look for MudMaster2k6.ini in directory with exe directory and file references can now be relative
  • Added script menu items and toolbar icon for editing Gags, Highlights, and Substitutions.
  • changed all references to 2000 to 2k6
  • changed the default telnet GA to true

New Features

New dialogs you allow you to add, edit, and delete Gags, Substitutions, and Highlights have been added. These can be opened via the Script menu or new toolbat icons.


The default location for to MudMaster2k6.ini is now the executable directory. This means by default it will ignore the file you currently have in ...\My Documents\Mud Master. You must add

Ini In My Documents=1

in the [Defaults] section of the MudMaster2k6.ini file if you want it to continue to use that location.

If you set Ini With Exe=1 or don't set Ini In My Documents=1
MudMaster will use the MudMaster2k6.ini in directory with the exe.

This is a big part of making Mud Master 2k6 portable. With this setting you can put all the Mud Master subdirectories off the exe directory, call it anything you want and put that directory anywhere. This version and all future versions should be usable on a USB drive or a CD.