20 | 04 | 2018
First 2k6 Build

Build 21, the first stable build used to start the mm2k6 branch. This executable is meant to be
used as a drop-in replacement for previous builds of v4.0 or for v3.9. Many changes were made to the mm2k v4.0 to make it stable before moving it to this mm2k6 version.

Bugs Fixed

  • ANSI background colour
  • ANSI bold problems
  • memory leak in substitutes
  • processing slowdowns when scrollback filled
  • error messages no longer throw errors

New Features

  • /scrollgrep doesn't include lines listed in previous finds
  • 160 character wide statusbar
  • tracks commands processed, lines received, bytes received since session start in system variables $CmdsProcessed, $LinesReceived, $BytesReceived
  • @Comma(number) to add comma separators
  • /textout {file path}{text to output}{appendIndicator} outputs any  text to a file. Appends to the file if third  argument exists
  • @SubStr(string,startCharIndex,endCharIndex) :
    SubStr returns a string which is a substring of the original starting from the startCharIndex until the endCharIndex. The index is 0 based
  • No longer required have to have config files in "My Documents\YourName\Mud Master\" but can have ini and config files and subdirectories in the directory the executable is run from. This requires
    Ini With Exe=1 setting in the MudMaster2000.ini
  • MudMaster.exe is completely compatible with your existing v3.90 scripts. You can just drop the new exe into the directory you currently use and enjoy the new features. Backup the v3.9 exe if you are the nervous type.
  • Help / Bug Report menu emails to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Help / Help for Mud Master 2000 menu opens the local copy of the HTML help in a browser (html help needs tons of help).