20 | 04 | 2018
Build 29
Great new possibilities are opening up with the start of features which allow better control and interaction between multiple simultaneous session windows. This build continues to expand and improve the commands for multiple session window interaction.

Bugs fixed:

  • When using multiple session windows and changing the dimensions of the main MudMaster frame the internal windows can no longer disappear under the top edge of the main MusMaster frame.
  • Similarly the bottom of  a session can no longer disappear under the bottom edge of the MudMaster frame. If the bottom of the main frame is dragged up beyond the lower edge of a session window it will push the bottom of the session window up as well.

Changed Commands:

  • /listcopy now allows you to sort the copy either ascending or descending
    /listcopy {originallList}{newListName}{a} to copy the original list into newListName sorted asscending. /listcopy {originallList}{newListName}{d} would sort descending
  • the removecaption and addcaption subcommands of the /window command have been replaced with standalone /addcaption and /removecaption commands

New Features:

Several new commands and features were implemented in build 28 to enable multiple sessions windows to be open simultaneously and to allow them to interact. New commands that extend this interactivity include:
  • /showother {session name}{text to show in the other session} to display text in the other session window similar to how you'd use /showme in the current window.
  • /scrollback {scrollbackAction} to allow opening and closing and scrolling any open session window. Scrollback actions available are lineup, pageup, linedown, pagedown, end, and home. When used in combination with the /window command you can easily make macro keys to scroll another window without having to click on it.
  • /editcurrent command opens the current startup script in notepad.
    /editc {filename}
    opens that file in notepad. relative paths from the default session folder can be used.
  • New /removecaption command to allow removal of the title bar and thick window edges.
  • New /addcaption command to allow restore the title bar and thick window edges to a session.
  • Lists though not sorted by default can be sorted by copying them with either the a or d parameter using /listcopy {existing list}{new listneame}{a or d}


New Command Help


Format: /showother {target session name}{ANSI text}

Sends text to the targeted session just like /showme does in the current session. The session name is the one normally seen on the associated title bar and includes the .mms extension. The text can be any normally used in script commands.


/action {^[CLAN] %0} {/showother {helpview.mms}{@ansibold()@foreyellow()[CLAN] @forecyan() @replace($0,},@chr(125)) @ansireset()}} {channels}
sets up an action that captures any text on lines starting with [CLAN] and shows it in cyan after a yellow [CLAN] in a window called helpview.mms


Format: /scrollback {scrollaction}

Causes the window to adjust the scrollback according to the action requested. Scrollback actions available are lineup, pageup, linedown, pagedown, end, and home

/scrollback {pageup}
/window {ChannelViewer.mms}{/scrollback {pageup}}

or perhaps a macro for alt-pageup to scroll the other window up by a page

/macro {apgup}{/window {ChannelViewer.mms}{/scrollback {pageup}}}{MyKeys}


Format: /editcurrentsession  {Filename}

With no argument the current sesion default script file is opened in notepad.
With a file name that file is opened in notepad.

This opens the current default start up script in notepad.

New version of removecaption and addcaption commands:

/window {target session name}{/removecaption}
/window {target session name}{/addcaption}
These add and remove the session title bar and thick frames. The title bar and thick frame are usually needed when you are moving and resizing a session window into the desired configuration. Once the size and position are set removing them leaves you with much more screen area to work with.