21 | 04 | 2018
Build 26

Bugs fixed:

  • dlls are freed properly when removing the dlls
  • the access violations when closing mm2k6 with certain dlls loaded no longer occur.

New Features:

  • mm2k6 now saves the window position on close and sets that position on startup.
  • ANSI colour copy added. Hold control while selecting screen area with the mouse and the clipboard gets the ANSI text. This is also placed in a system variable called $ANSICopy. This is great for pasting full colour text to chat.
  • New command /statusBarSize allows you to change the width of the statusbar and the number of lines in the status bar
  • Statusbar background colours are now applied to the whole statusbar background
  • when dlls are loaded mm2k6 now calls the dlls OnLoad() method if it exists.

New Command Help


Format: /statusbarsize {lines}{width}

Sets the statusbar height in lines and the width of each line in characters.

{lines} Can be 1 or higher รพ {width} Can be up to 480


Example: /statusbarsize {3}{100}

Set statusbar to 3 lines with 100 characters on each line.

The statusbar items are placed on each line based on their position. For example if you set the width to 80 then items positioned at character 1, 81, 161, 241 would appear as the first items on each of line 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively. If you decrease the number of lines it does not remove the existing items but may hide them. If you change the width items may get rearranged onto different lines.