21 | 04 | 2018
Build 25

Bug fixes:

  • Extra newlines after prompt lines have finally been removed.
  • Some typos in commands such as /editevent are fixed.
  • Removed some debug messages which were being displayed.
  • /changes no longer tries to retrieve changes from console version website.

New command:

/listcopy {oldlist}{newlist}

Copies an entire list into a new list.
If you don't provide NewList it uses the original name with Copy tacked on.
If the old list doesn't exist nothing happens.
If the new list exists nothing happens.

New system variable:


Number of seconds since the last input either via command or macro. Interesting issue of course is if you enter a command to see the value it resets it to 0 seconds. It can be used in scripts and events though.

Help Overhaul:

Start of an overhaul of help available via /help command and help in html form via the Help / Help for Mud Master 2k6 menu. /help commands now list categories of commands to view command groupings. The html help accessed via the help menu is now organized in categories as well.

Extract new help files into the existing help directory.