18 | 03 | 2018

The statusbar is a user definable bar at the bottom of the screen. It can be multiple lines and up to a total of 480 characters. 

The font used can be set in the Session, Options... menu. It can be positioned either above or below the input line. What gets displayed and in what colors is up to you. The items can contain literal text strings, as well as procedure names that return a value and variables. If you have a bar item grouped, and you disable that group, the item will not be drawn on the statusbar. If it is showing at the time it will be removed.

/statusbarsize is used to set how longs lines it uses and how many characters are on each line. The statusbar items are placed on each line based on their position. For example if you set the width to 80 then items positioned at character 1, 81, 161, 241 would appear as the first items on each of
line 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively. If you decrease the number of lines it does not remove the existing items but may hide them. If you change the width items may get rearranged onto different lines.

/statusbar toggles the showing or hiding of the statusbar and can be used to position it above or below the input line. 

/barfore and /barback control the color of the statusbar. Items added to the bar can either default to use the statusbar colors, or you can specify individual colors for each item you add.

/baritemfore and /baritemback can be used to change the color of an item once it has been placed on the bar.

/baritem is used to add items to the bar and list definitions of the items already on the bar. /barseparator puts a vertical bar on the status bar, to visually help you divide up the items you place on the bar.

/updatebaritem is used to cause the bar item to redraw itself. You would use this if the bar item has a variable in it and you change the value of the variable. The item would update with the current value of the variable.

/baritemshift is used to shift a range of items that are already on the bar to the left or right. Using this is a shortcut to adjusting the positions of all the items by hand. /unbaritem is used to remove an item from the bar.