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18 | 03 | 2018
Scrollback Buffer

The scrollback buffer keeps track of lines which have come in from the mud that have scrolled up off the display. The lines are stored in the buffer with their color to make reading easier. You activate the scrollback with [Page Up]. [ESC] or [Ctrl-End] exits the scrollback.


Using the up and down arrow keys scrolls or the scrollbar on the right you through the backup buffer one line at a time. [Page Up] and [Page Down] are used for a screen at a time. [Ctrl-Home] will take to to the top of the buffer.

You can view the scrollback in full window or split screen mode. This option is set in the Session, Options... menu on the Term/Input tab.

 Session Options Term/Input tab

Uncheck Full Screen Scrollback to enable split screen scrollback. In split screen mode you can adjust the split of the scrollback and display parts of the screen by dragging the bar between the two sections up or down with your mouse.

Quick Tip: If you hit  [Page Up] and the scrollback window doesn't appear grab the top end of the session window and drag it down until you see the scrollback display. If you are in split screen mode and the scrollback takes up the entire display drag the bottom edge of the scrollback area up.