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18 | 03 | 2018
Tab Completion

Tab completion is a shortcut to typing hard to remember or hard to spell words.

You manage your tab completion list with the commands:  /tabadd, /tabdelete and /tablist. You can have as many words as you like in the tab completion list. Tab completion can be especially useful on a player killing mud where some of the other players' names are hard to spell quickly and abreviations aren't allowed. Once a word is added to your tab completion list you can recall it with just a few of the letters that start the word and a press of the [TAB] key. Words are stored in the tab list in alphabetical order. Let's say you have the word "dahnakriss" in your list. You could type the word by typing "d[TAB]". You need to type enough of the word to make it unique from the other words in the list. If you had another word in the list that also started with a "d," you would need to type another letter or two to make sure you got the word "dahnakriss."

You add words to your tab completion list with the /tabadd {word} command. Remove words from the list with /tabdelete. You can see the list of words you have in your tab completion list by typing /tablist or /tabadd without a word following it.