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18 | 03 | 2018
MudMaster Chat Overview - Sending Commands
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MudMaster Chat Overview
Sending Commands
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 If you want to send commands to another chat connection you have to first get them to enable the reception of commands from you with /chatcommands. Once they have flagged you able to send commands you can use the following to send them:

/sendaction, /sendalias, /sendarray, /sendbaritem, /sendevent, /sendgag, /sendhighlight,  /sendlist, /sendmacro and /sendvariable. If you want to send a group of commands use /sendgroup. When you send a list or array, all the items belonging to the list or array are transfered as well.

To send files through a chat connection you have to get the chat the other party to flag with allow transfers. Use /sendfile to transfer files. Both users are notified when a file transfer has been started and notified again when the transfer is complete. You can check the status of a file transfer with /filestatus {name/number}. The {name/number} refers to the chat connection, not the name of the file being transferred. /Filecancel {name/number} will cancel a file transfer in progress.

/ChatBack and /ChatFore can be used to change the default colors of the chat text.

/ChatVersions will show you the version of MM that each of the chat connections is using.

By default when you start up MM it will listen for chat calls on port 4050. You can tell MM to listen to an alternate port if you want. This is set in the Options settings on the Chat tab.You can see what port MM is listening to with /info. /call uses port 4050 by default as well. If you change the port that MM is listening to you will have to let people know which port number to call.