18 | 03 | 2018
Version 4.2.8

This release just has a couple of bug fixes. One, however, is long overdue having apparently not worked since v 3.9.


Problems with /if conditions with 2 or more &&s or ||s without
paretheses to group them have been resolved.
  • Problems with /if conditions with 2 or more &&s or ||s without paretheses to group them have been resolved.


  • @CommandToList has been fixed so that the command portion will work when multiple commands separated by semicolons are used. This appears to have been a problem since the beginning of v4.0 

    When $ListItem is used in more than one of these multiple
    commands it is necessary to use the @Pretrans procedure to ensure $ListItem is replaced with its value in all occurances


  • Telnet WILL command was leading to unexpected characters being prepended to input. This was a problem since version 4.2.6 and is fixed in 4.2.8 build 7

New feature

In build 8 the /savescrollback and the GUI equivalent now will save the output as html with colours if the file extension is .htm or .html. The html will link to scrollback.css for colour and font information. A sample of the html can be seen at http://mm2k6.sourceforge.net/mm2k6/logs/medlog2.html