18 | 03 | 2018
Version 4.2.7

Updates to Commands

/ShowmeViaWeb {web Url} will send a get or post request to the URL and display the text retrieved. Since the MudMaster 2k6 display handles ANSI colours the text retrieved can include ANSI text commands. Only http requests are handled and if the URL provided does not have http:// it will be prepended before sending the request.

If a /showmeviaweb command is executed before one currently running completes it will be queued and executed as soon as the current request completes.

New subcommands were added

Subcommands are executed by prepending the full subcommand. Available subcommands are:

  • queue
    Adds a web request to the queue for later execution.
  • releasequeue
    Begins the execution of showmeviaweb requests waiting in the queue. Allqueued requests will be executed in sequence.
  • flushqueue
    Clears all pending requests out of the queue without executing them.


/ShowmeViaWeb {http://mm2k6.sourceforge.net/changes.txt}

This would print out this .txt file on your screen.

/showmeviaweb {queue mm2k6.sourceforge.net/changes.txt}

This would place the request in a queue and wait until it is either flushed or released.

/showmeviaweb {releasequeue}

This begins the execution of requests in the queue.

/showmeviaweb {flushqueue}

Empties the queue.