18 | 03 | 2018
Version 4.2.6

Bug Fixes

/groupBarItem {group} now displays the existing bar items in the group indicated on separate lines instead of jumbled together.

Background colours copied with control-key pressed paste and appear in $ANSICopy with correct colours now.

New Command

/ShowmeViaWeb {web Url} will send a get or post request to the URL and display the text retrieved. Since the MudMaster 2k6 display handles ANSI colours the text retrieved can include ANSI text commands. Only http requests are handled and if the URL provided does not have http:// it will be prepended before sending the request.

Variables and procedures in the retrieved text will be replaced before being displayed so you can use things like @ANSIBold() and $MyMessageHere.

If the URL is less than 256 characters in length the request will be sent as a get. Longer URLs will be sent as post requests.

Example: /showmeviaweb {http://mm2k6.sourceforge.net/changes.txt}

Internal Changes

The processing of incoming data from the MUD has been updated to handle telnet commands and subcommands a little more completely. More work is still required in this area.

Code underlying the /changes command was updated along with the /ShowmeViaWeb command. Calculation for whether the display buffer needs extension was fixed. Virtual memory leak in /changes command has been fixed.