18 | 03 | 2018
Version 4.2.5

New Interface Features

Control over Line Wrap

A new session configuration option has been added to the Terminal/Input options. This option allows you to set the number of character long you want lines to be on the display. With this option lines will be wrapped either when they reach the full width of the session screen or at the character number set in the line length option, whichever is shorter.

Line wrap option

User Defined Clickable Buttons

Statusbar items can now be defined to execute script when you left-click on them. This is done by naming the statusbar item beginning with the word button and following this with the command to executed.

For example:

/baritem {button /showme {Walking to $nextZone};nextZonePath} {$nextZone} {1} {20} {15} {1} {statusbar}

This might be a "button" on the statusbar which is updated by other script aliases and actions so it displays the name of a zone (in white on a blue background) you might want to go to next. When you click on it it would display the message Walking to <zone name> and then executes the alias nextZonePath which sends the speedwalk text command which takes you there.

You can create and edit these types of statusbar item buttons using the Statusbar item edit dialog.

Baritem edit dialog

Any combination of script command, aliases, and text to send to the mud can be used.

Remember that the statusbar can have multiple lines so you can more than one line of display and/or buttons. Use the /statusbarsize {lines}{line width} command to adjust this. Maximum total width (lines times width) is 480 characters