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20 | 04 | 2018
How do I load math.dll? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ghoti   
Wednesday, 23 June 2010 11:05

The command to use is:

/LoadLibrary {name}{dllName including .dll} - This command loads the DLL. This must be done before you can use your DLL from within your scripts. If the name parameter is not provided the full dll name including .dll will be used as the name. You can use a full path to the dll if the file is not in the directory with mudmaster.exe

If the math.dll file is in the folder with mudmaster.exe then /loadlib math.dll will work.

If the math.dll is in another folder you can use the full path to the fold in the loadlib command as in /loadlib {c:\oddsandends\math.dll}. Make sure to match the name used in your script used to call the dll with the name assigned to the dll when it is loaded. For example if you want to use /calldll Math {Add} {$bscalcaverage 5.5 bscalcaverage}  then use something like /loadlib {Math}{c:\oddsandends\math.dll}