21 | 04 | 2018
Version 4.2.4

New Commands

/screenshot {filename with path} Creates either a jpeg or a png image of the inner display portion of the session window. The type is determined by the file extension.

Changes to Information Messages

Messages related to /autoexec can now be enabled or disabled. There is a checkbox for this option on the message tab of the Session Options dialog. This setting is saved to and read from the session file.

Bugs Fixed

Applying substitutes to a line of text no longer forces a newline at the end of that line. Instead it maintains the append rule already in place for that line. This means the applying substitutes to prompt lines now lets them act properly as prompt lines.

/loadlibrary wasn't replacing variables and procs with their values so things like @sessionpath() couldn't be used to provide the path to the dll being loaded. It now translates variables and procs before attempting to load the dll.

Background Command Updated

The /background command now has three more position options.

/background {image.png}{center|tile|stretch|topright|right|bottomright}

Help Menu Updated

 Link to the mm2k6 script forum at Sourceforge was added to the Help menu. This forum can be read by anyone To post questions or scripts you need either a sourceforge account or any OpenID acount (Google, Yahoo, AOL, Flickr, Wordpres...) so everyone should be able join in.