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18 | 03 | 2018
TextVid Player

The TextVid Player dll is a small plugin that lets you load ANSI text into movie frames and then play the movie. The TextVid player dll should be downloaded to your MudMaster folder. You can then load TextVids from your own script or via the web.  You can even play TextVids that are posted on the web.

After downloading and placing the TextVid.ddl in the folder with your MudMaster.exe try the following commands to play a movies I've posted here. Note this movie only works with v4.2 or newer because it uses some script formatting features introduced that weren't added to /readviaweb until then.

The commands supported by the TextVid dll are:
movie      plays the loaded movie
clearmovie removes movie
addframe  frame contents adds a frame to the current movie
setsession  session name sets session name TextVid plays in.

/readviaweb {http://mm2k6.digitalescape.org/libraries/mmscript/GoFishMovie.txt}

/readviaweb {http://mm2k6.digitalescape.org/libraries/mmscript/ROFLCOPTER.mm}

/readviaweb {http://mm2k6.digitalescape.org/libraries/mmscript/beeTulips.mm}

Or download the fish movie and use it as a starting point to make your own movies.