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18 | 03 | 2018
Script Controled Button Pad

Here is a dll plugin that gives you an button pad with 11 programmable buttons. You control the text on the buttons, the text that is sent with the buttons are clicked, plus the text sent when the buttons are clicked while holding the control key down.

Load the dll using the /loadlib command. For example /loadlib {Buttons}{ButtonPad.dll}.

Next start the Button Pad with /calldll {Buttons}{createButtonPad}

Then set each of the buttons using

/calldll {Buttons}{setButton}{buttonNumber,DisplayText,TextToSend} and

/calldll {Buttons}{setControlButton}{buttonNumber,TextToSend}

So for example to set button 4 to West and control button 4 to c farsight west b you would

/calldll {Buttons}{setButton}{4,West,west};/calldll {Buttons}{setControlButton}{4,c farsight west b}

You can even change the title of the button pad with the ButtonPadTitle command like this:

/calldll {Buttons}{ButtonPadTitle}{Click-o-matic}

The "On Top" button toggles between always on top and not when you click it.

Download the ButtonPad.dll into the folder where your MudMaster.exe is and try it out.