21 | 04 | 2018
Build 33

Incremental improvements to the interface, commands controling interactions between session windows, help files, and error handling continue to to be implemented  Several of these changes make it possible to implement plugin dlls which provide zone and wilderness map displays in separate session windows. These features can also be used to display things like player health status in other session windows. Display buffering has been radically improved reducing scrollback and display overhead dramatically.

Bugs Fixed

/emote to person  bug introduced in build 31 fixed.

/sendaction has been fixed.

/defaultscript now shows your default script file and /defaultscript {filePath} now sets it. 

@resetevent and @fireevent now accept variables properly

Stack overflow crash identified by Cathoris was eliminated - thanks Cathoris.

Error being throw by the New Character Wizard on completion has been fixed.

New Commands

/clearscreen Clears the display but leaves the scrollback intact.

/allcommands Lists every command available.

/window {SessionName}{close} Will close the session window identified.

New Procedures

@BaritemBack(item number or name)  returns the background colour number of the item.
@BaritemFore(item number or name)  returns the foreground colour number of the item.

Changed Commands

@ProcedureCount() actually now also returns a list of all procedures

/showother {window}{text} {noreset}{true} The default is for the showother to add an ANSI reset to the end of the text  and not to process script on the text but now two optional additional parameters allow you to have it not reset ANSI and to process the text with the existing script.  For no ANSI reset the third parameter must be noreset.  For the text to be processed by script the forth parpameter must be the word true or if only 3 parameters passed the third must be the word true.

/unchat {chatname or number or all} now can be passed all to remove all chat connections unless you actually have a chat connection called all. Some examples: /unchat all   /unchat 2   /unchat ghoti

Interface Changes 

  • Text cursor is now at the end of the input line when you scroll through command history
  • Action edit, Alias edit, and Macro edit dialogs now have a vertical scroll bar in the main text edit area.
  • All edit dialogs now resize their inner edit boxes when the dialog is resized.
  • Tile Vertical command added to the Windows menu you help tile windows side by side. The old Tile command still tiles windows stacking them on top of each other.
  • Some messages referring to character and commands now refer to character session and script.
  • Error message for /editgag and /editsubs no identify gag or subs instead of generic trigger
  • New shortcut, tray, and window icons reflecting the 2k6 identity
  • Display buffer changes mean the overall calculations required to manage the scrollback and display have been cut in half.
  • The toolbar position is now saved in the MudMaster2k6.ini file when MudMaster is closed and restored to the last position on next startup.