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18 | 03 | 2018
Sample GUI Addon

mm2k6 dlls can provide you with graphical addons like floating toolbars or other dialog boxes. These can be controled directly or via /calldll or via the new builtin processing of mud text, chat text, or input text within the dll. To demonstrate some of this kind of functionality I've written a sample which provides a floating 2 bar status display.

The dll providing the status display is called DialogSample.dll and it can be loaded with the command /loadlib {status} {DialogSample.dll} . The status display does not appear until you send the createHealthBars command to the loaded dll with /calldll status createHealthBars.


This dialog will start set to remain always on top. Clicking the On Top button will toggle between always on top and not on top.

The length of the bars is control with the updateHealthBars {percent,percent} command. For example /calldll {status} updateHealthBars 25,83 will set the top bar to 25% and the bottom bar to 83%.

The labels to the right of the bars can be changed with the updateHealthBarLabels {label1,label2} command. For example /calldll {status} updateHealthBarLabels {XP to Left,Trade Left}

The title on the caption bar of the dialog can be changed with the updateHealthBarTitle {Title} comannd. Forexample /calldll {status} updateHealthBarTitle {Percentage of Level Requirements}

Of course this is just a sample to get you started creating more interesting and useful floating GUI dialogs. Download the dll and try it out and download the source code to learn more about how you can make your own custom dll. This was written in Visual Studio 2003 with Visual C++ 7.1. I started with a MFC Dll template. You can write your own in any version of C++