21 | 04 | 2018
Build 32

Build 32

This build is full of mostly small changes and bug fixes plus a big change to what can be done with dlls. The impact of the changes depends on whether or not dll writers respond and write dlls that take advantage of the new dll processing. Dlls will now be sent raw incoming MUD text, raw chat text, and raw input text if they are designed to receive it. Dlls can then process the text and indicate to MudMaster that the handling was done by the dll.

Changed Commands

/showme {Text}[{true} ]  /showme now can take a second parameter. If it is true then the text will be processed with your script before being displayed.

//showother {window}{text} the text is now processed by the script existing in the target window.

Bugs Fixed

@TimeToMonth now returns the correct month instead of one month too small.

Disabling and enabling statusbar items via the StatusBarItem List Dialog now works.

/enablegroup {groupName} now enables baritems with that group name like it should.

A problem establishing new chat connections under some circumstances has been resolved.

New Features

New DLL functionality 

Dll handling has been updated to allow them to handle both raw incoming text from the mud directly and all raw chat text.

  • Any dll that has a funtion named onReceiveLine will be sent the raw mud line via that call as it is received.
  • Any dll that has a function named onReceiveChatLine will be sent the raw chat text via that call.
  • Any dll that has a function named onInputLine will be sent the input text via that call. 

If any dll calls the /HandledByDll {TRUE} command via the callback then MudMaster 2k6 will not process the line beyond that point. Otherwise regular processing will continue.

New Procedures

@StatusbarSize(height or width) returns the current setting for either statusbar height in lines or width in characters per line depending.

@Backward(Text) returns the text in reverse order.

@StrStrRev(SearchInText,SearchForText) returns the zero based index of the last occurance of the SearchForText within the SearchIText or -1 if not found. @StrStrRev(Look for this thing,th) returns 14

@TimeZone() return the current time zone in text format.