20 | 04 | 2018
ShowToast Command

/showtoast {text to pop up in taskbat notifier}

Similar to /showme or /showother except that a taskbar notification pops like toast above the tray when this command is used. The notification pop up is skinned using a simple bitmap toast.bmp which must be in the same directory as mudmaster.exe before a session started.

If /showtoast is executed while the toast is already up the new text is added to the old text.

If you hover the mouse over the toast it will keep the notification in place.

You can create your own custom skins for the popup. It must be a .bmp and be in the same directory as the mudmaster.exe when a session is opened for it to be used. Pure green RGB(0,ff,0) is treated as transparent. The text is displayed center justified with top margin of 40 pixels and side margins of 15 pixels. Text will not display over transparent portions of the skin.