20 | 04 | 2018
Build 31

New Commands and Features

/showtoast {text to pop up in taskbat notifier}

Similar to /showme or /showother except that a taskbar notification pops like toast above the tray when this command is used. The notification pop up is skinned using a simple bitmap toast.bmp which must be in the same directory as mudmaster.exe before a session started.


Returns the name of the current session in the form that would be used by the /window or /showother commands.


@Alias(existingAlias [parameter])

This returns the results of executing the alias as text. In effect this allows you to make custom procedures by making an alias containing script to return some text and using @alias(yourAlias) to invoke it.

/background {PathAndNameOfImage}{mode}

Loads the image as the background of your MUD session. The current text background colour is treated as transparent showing the background image. All other colours overwrite the image. Mode is one of: tile, stretch, center. normal. To remove the background use /Background off

More Portable

Moved window position and size persistence to mudmaster2k6.ini from mudmaster.ini in the windows directory.

Changed Commands


Now can take a URL to retrieve and display an ANSI text file.
/changes {http://some.site.com/whatever.txt} for example. The scrollback will be expanded to fit the download so BE VERY CAREFUL! Expanding the scrollback this way can have bad consequences on performance!


This now can take a second parameter. If the second parameter is used then the existing script will be applied to the rawlog file as it is read. This may dramatically alter the load speed.
/viewlog {localFilePathAndName}{ProcessScript}.


You can now use variables and procedures in the parameter.


Now shows current tabadds when used without arguments the same as /tablist command.

Menu name changed

Changed the Find Script menu item in the right-click input line popup to Show Aliases to make it clearer.